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“After wasting time with two other mortgage lenders that did not have enough experience for my unique situation, I was referred to John. His approach was proactive and efficient, and he didn’t let my impending divorce, heavy work schedule, and lack of home buying experience get in the way of getting the job done.”
Melissa P., Client

“This was the first time I purchased a home by myself. Having John there to “hold my hand” was very comforting.”
Angie T., Client

“When we have casesĀ  involving real estate, mortgage, or credit issues, John is our go-to resource. He is truly an expert in his field.”
Lisa Sharp/Lisa Peterchuck
Sharp & Peterchuck, Attorneys at Law

“John Snell understands the sensitivity of issues that arise in divorce situations. John helps my clients make educated decisions regarding keeping or selling the home, protecting themselves from their spouse, and qualifying to purchase a new home post-divorce.”
Jolie Williams
Certified Divorce Real Estate Specialist